Monday, January 9, 2012

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

So this year I was eager to host our own Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! I had all these ideas, and researched as well. I couldn't wait to hit the local thrift stores to find my ugly sweater.....UNTIL I realized everywhere was OUT. People buy and sell them on eBay. So...I got mine on eBay. It wasn't quite as ugly as I'd like but it was something I definitely wouldn't have worn out in public. We had a blast tho! I made ornaments for our guest to take home, each unique with a painted on ugly sweater. We played a Christmas themed pictionary!. Girls lost. boo. I also made up cards for a game called humdingers (anyone play cranium will know this one), all mostly holiday music that we had to hum to get our team mates to guess. We also did a tacky gift exchange, in which I won a used trophy ( the best ever!) We played musical gift. I had spent all the night before wrapping that gift 10 times in 10 different types of wrapping paper. It was a success. We really had fun and I really enjoyed myself. My husband did suffer a bit the next day, a little too much drinky drinky for him. Ahh well, once in a blue moon.

This is my friend Cilla humming beautifully!
Christmas themed Pictionary!
Hmmmm..what is she drawing?
My photo booth area.
My husband and I posing. It was a great time. I recommend hosting or going to one next year!

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