Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ooops apparently it's Wordless Wednesday. I'll do better next week

Is it okay to yell at other people's children?

The answer is absolutely not! Well in most circumstances. I NEVER thought I'd ever go through this in my life but today it happened. An ugly (and I mean on the inside) woman took it upon herself to yell at my son at a community splash park. This is a place where children are running around everywhere. About 10 minutes before this incident we had arrived and I just got through spraying sunscreen on all of my kids. My children had went to play and my oldest son had gotten water in his eye which also was mixed in with sunscreen and if anyone knows what that feels like (I know I do) it stings. While running with his eyes closed he ran into another child. On complete accident. The boy fell to the ground, hit his head and my son said he was sorry. Now let's explain my oldest son. He's afraid of bugs, he doesn't like to get dirty and he lets his 3 year old brother beat him up all the time. He wouldn't intentionally hurt a fly let alone a stranger kid. The child's mother got up and yelled at my son so badly that he was hysterical for about 30 minutes. She emotionally abused my child at a place where he's suppose to be having fun. Well the un-confrontational person that I am was ticked off. I went over and explained that it was unnecessary to yell at my child and that he was unable to even see. Well her chihuahua guard dog of a friend decided to step in. I let them both know it didn't matter, it was an accident and do not yell at my child again. 10 minutes later they left. I feel like this woman should only be so lucky that it was me that she dealt with and not another mother who would've probably taken it to another level. I had several different mothers come up to me and tell me what she had done was wrong and these are children and what they saw it was a complete accident. I am still pretty upset. I keep looking at my son and telling him how much I love him because I don't want what happened today to remain in his memory. He is loved and unfortunately he had to see the ugliness of some people.

Mother/Daughter Day in NYC

I finally was able to take Hannie to New York City. She has been begging me for months and now I felt comfortable enough take her around. What a better weekend than Memorial Weekend. We took the Metro North from New Haven to Grand Central Station. It takes about 2 hours. She was anxious with every single stop. How much longer mom?? is what I heard most of the way. It's okay though because I had that same excitement my first time to the city.
Here is Hannie on the Metro North. We got up early.

We had made it to our destination. Grand Central Station.

Look we're in Times Square!!

Where they happened to be filming for Sand Masters

And then she got a free Travel Channel Bag. She rocked it!

We went and sat on the Ruby Red Stairs

Then we went to my favorite store M&M!!

Hannie went on her first subway ride to Little Italy for lunch

We ate at Rudy's Pizzeria. Yummy. I wish I had gotten a picture of my broccoli and mushroom pizza.

But!! Hannie and I had our first Cannoli!!!

Then back on the subway because Hannie's in for a surprise....

Our next stop was American Girl Place!!!!

And then she took pictures with her favorite new doll Kanani

She got a couple new accessories for her doll and we hit up Jamba Juice (OMG haven't been to one since living in Hawaii)

She wanted to share with the Statue of Liberty

We hit up Rockefeller & Hannie totally wants to meet Al but next time baby!

We took a rest on the steps of Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

We decided it was time to start heading home. We got to ride on a new train. It was pretty nice.

She snoozed the whole way home.

We are going back in October for Hannie's Golden Birthday!! Stay tuned....

Bluff Point

We've lived in Connecticut for almost a year now and it's hard to believe but we've never made it all the way around Bluff Point. We've tried a few times to finish but usually someone gets hurt or doesn't listen and we end up turning around. Well this weekend we finally made it all the way around and of course to the bluff. It was pretty and so foggy. You couldn't even see over the entire ocean. The kids had fun but at the half way point we started to lose their interest. I bribed them with popsicles just to keep going. And right after the bluff we lost Lil C to a nap. Poor Ryan ended up carrying him the rest of the way back. On the trail I saw so many baby squirrels crossing the trail and in the end we saw baby swans. I only wish I had my Nikon to take those pictures. Next time for sure!

This was Hannie & I (just the beginning so looking happy, haha)

Ryan & Lil C over looking the bluff