Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bluff Point

We've lived in Connecticut for almost a year now and it's hard to believe but we've never made it all the way around Bluff Point. We've tried a few times to finish but usually someone gets hurt or doesn't listen and we end up turning around. Well this weekend we finally made it all the way around and of course to the bluff. It was pretty and so foggy. You couldn't even see over the entire ocean. The kids had fun but at the half way point we started to lose their interest. I bribed them with popsicles just to keep going. And right after the bluff we lost Lil C to a nap. Poor Ryan ended up carrying him the rest of the way back. On the trail I saw so many baby squirrels crossing the trail and in the end we saw baby swans. I only wish I had my Nikon to take those pictures. Next time for sure!

This was Hannie & I (just the beginning so looking happy, haha)

Ryan & Lil C over looking the bluff

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