Monday, April 8, 2013

Sequoia National Park

A little over a week ago we finally ventured out and decided it was time to go see the giant sequoia's. But before we went, I knew the only way to get my kids excited was to show them youtube videos of our adventure. I remember being a kid and my dad wanting me to be excited about stuff and honestly, it was never really presented in a way I could feel that excitement. It was nice to prepare the kids for what was ahead...especially General Sherman. And we saved that for last. We climbed Moro Rock and wow, what a view... A little scary for the little one, looking over the edge, I realized it was a huge drop...any falling and you're not coming back. I was sure to remind my kids the importance of staying on the trail, and of course my nine year old tested that out first thing. Which gave me anxiety for the next few days....all the stupid "what if's". Besides all that, it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever a whole different way. I've seen the beauty of nature when it comes to paradise..but seeing the beauty of the forest...makes you realize just how small we are on this huge planet. I am so grateful to say I have been to the Sequoia's and hopefully we have created some great memories for the kids to one day say, "hey mom, remember that one time we went to..." . I think the most important thing are our memories. I want to give them many. 

Bears? I guess we are in the forest.
 Just to give you an idea on how massive these trees are. 
 Out of order, but this is on the way up. 
 My daughter amazed on the size of the pine cone
 Look how tiny we are. 
Waiting on daddy to bring the van...didn't think the kids would appreciate five more miles of hiking.
 Moro Rock
 Here we go!
 on our way up Moro Rock
 Family shot. Thank you to the kind stranger for offering to take our picture. Framer!
 On top of Moro Rock

 Hanging out on Roosevelt

 These are so out of order. Meet General Sherman. 

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