Monday, April 8, 2013

Went shopping.... and holy $*&%!

This weekend after a 5k run around our neighborhood, my husband told me I needed new running shorts. I coyly asked him why and he said, "I'm tired of seeing you have to pull them back up every few steps". I was sold...any reason to shop was okay by me..especially for fitness clothes. I work out 5 days a week, so that's usually my normal attire. I hit up the outlet and picked out a few shorts in GET THIS...size mediums!! Say what??? The girl who used to be a 2XL? Yeah, that was me...giddy in the dressing room. So afterwards, I thought, why not hit up a few more stores. I picked out a pair of linen pants I fell in love my size that I've been the past few months an 11/12. Tried them on...too big. I'm all shocked...I asked my daughter to grab the 9/10's. Insert about 12 insanely wide happy faces right here!!!

As you can see on my instagram post...I was a size 22...beaming in a size 9/10. I am still kind of in shock. Still to this day when I pick out clothes and I hold them out in front of me..I always assume they won't fit...only because for years I've been holding up clothes that could be small comforter sizes. It's still hard somedays to get my brain to adjust to the new me. I've lost 3 inches in my neck. 12 inches in my waist, 12 inches in my hips. 13 inches in my bust. Not to mention...the ring that was given to me by my mother was a size 7 that I had to have resized to a size 9 because my fingers were that huge is now having to be resized to a size 5.5. I think I got whiplash when the lady at the jewelry counter told me I had small fingers. Yeah...this happened. 

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