Friday, December 28, 2012

From Connecticut to California: Green Bay, Wisconsin

So how can I put this.....My husband is the biggest Green Bay Packers fan. He gets crap about not being from Wisconsin...look people, Iowa doesn't have a team...doesn't make him band wagon anything! Especially since he grew up without any football influence..he became a fan on his own as a child. He's loved them whether they win or lose. Since we have no hope of ever being stationed near Green Bay..we decided to take the opportunity to go to Green Bay....would you believe there were no games at all during our trip but we decided we just had to go! It didn't matter if we could see a game or not..we wanted to go visit Lambeau Field. So we did, we drove out of our way and the moment we started to see Green Bay signs on the interstate, I could feel the excitement waves flowing off my husband's car (remember, we drove separately). We decided to stay a few days in Green Bay...just incase we didn't get to do a tour on the first day. After many hours and then finding the dog kennel, we went to Lambeau...I could see the light flowing off of Ryan..He was like a child on Christmas morning...I've never seen him so excited. We've been married for 13 years and I've seen him accomplish so many that moment I knew this trip out of the way was completely worth it. I wanted him to get to see the place he's always dreamed of...and someday we'll get to go to a game. We had a blast...the entire tour was amazing and our children learned so much about why their dad loves the Packers so much. I think the entire trip will be a memory that's cherished forever. Go Pack Go!

  You know in the movies that sound when something beautiful shows up? Yeah..I know we heard that music in our heads when we saw this. 
                                 Putting on our bands for the tour
                               Taking our picture with the Lombardi statue
                           This is what happens when you sit in a car all day
       Ryan was wearing his U.S.S. Green Bay hat and this was on the wall in Lambeau field for the U.S.S. Green Bay. Pretty amazing.
                                        Hannah and I posing
                                     We're a tad bit excited to get started
                         Sitting in the club suites...a beautiful site
                                      The kids and I with Curly Lambeau
                     sitting in the club suite...something I'm sure will never            happen again. haha
             Magical moment...walking through the tunnel. That music is playing again in our heads.
                        yeah, pretty much like Christmas morning
                           Amazing family pic that is now up on our wall
                                                         My loves
                                 yes, we even ate at Curly's Pub
                            The boys in the Packer Hall of fame.
            A replica of the dressing room, which by the way, I learned on the tour is the shape of a football. Pretty awesome.
                                   My boys doing the Lambeau leap.
                              Ryan and I with all the Lombardi trophies.
                                   My cheeseheads
                   We ate at Titletown Brewery. It was pretty delicious..especially the elk burger!
                   Ryan in front of Brett Favre Steakhouse. We never got to eat there but he had to have a picture and a shot glass.
  And yes this got turned into our Christmas card. :)

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