Friday, December 28, 2012

Road trip from Connecticut to California: First stop: Canton, Ohio

I still can't believe we did this whole trip. 2 cars, 3 kids and 2 dogs. I must've been out of my mind when I agreed to this. We made our first stop in Pennsylvania but I don't count that as all we did was sleep. My husband knew we would be close to Canton, where the Pro Football Hall of Fame is located. We decided as a family to make as many stops as possible because...I won't lie...our trip when we moved from Hawaii to Georgia was HORRIBLE. I pretty much got over excited driving from Seattle to Georgia and we barely made any stops. I had a mission and that was getting to Georgia. Sooooooo I promised the family I wouldn't torture them with the constant driving. So back to it...yes, Canton. I don't know much about football other than I Love the Green Bay I wanted to make sure my husband had a great trip..especially after being commissioned to Officer. So here are the pics. And by the way...we all had a blast!

                    Ryan, Lil C & I in front of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
                      Ryan with the heads of some of the Hall of Famers
                                  Here I am posing with some helmets
                  Green Bay helmet with antlers...can you say AWESOME?
 I told Ryan to put his head above Cobb's jersey, some woman walked by and thought he was hilarious...
 Me with my man's jersey. Okay...he's not really mine but to dream! And of course I gotta get some title belt action.
                        Super Bowl I, Packers vs. Chiefs. Go Pack Go!
                 Ryan and I with the Lombardi trophy...ahhh what a moment!

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