Friday, December 28, 2012

From Connecticut to California: Milford, Iowa

Being a military family, we just don't get to go home as often. Mostly because our families mostly live in the midwest and we are always stationed on the coast. For Ryan, especially...his family lives in Northwest, Iowa and it's been a long time since we've all seen one another...actually 7 years ago. I regret not making more time to go but it takes a lot of planning and to be honest, I haven't always felt close to his family. But after losing my mother in 2010...I really wanted my children to know their family. I knew they, mostly my boys, wouldn't remember any memories with her. So in an instant I felt I needed to do more. I wanted our nephews to know who we were. Ryan has always felt a huge connection to his nephews...they really are good kids. So from Green Bay we went to Iowa and spent a few days..not enough time but we spent quality time. It was great getting to see our children play and hang out. The boys mostly wrestled and that was okay because my poor boys spent too many days cooped up in the car or a hotel room. I really appreciated the time I spent with my brother in law and his wife. I felt we got to know each other this's a bit sad it took this much time but sometimes we have to lose things to truly appreciate the other things we have around us. The whole time was great...even up to the point where Ryan broke his thumb. On our very last day, Ryan wanted to spend some quality time with his big brother...he knew his brother loved to hunt...Ryan doesn't know anything about hunting but wanted to get some bonding time in and went along to do something with a tree stand...I'm not familiar with hunting either..but I'll explain the best I can. Basically, they were clearing brush and branches...well Ryan went to clear a tree with a big branch, well the big branch came for his head and he protected it with his hand...and broke his thumb. He went to the ER and then found out it needed surgery to have two pins placed. I thought...YAY (sarcastically), we're driving two in the world am I going to do this all by myself? It wouldn't be a normal trip if everything were absolutely perfect. And once positive self tries to just focus on everything good...And I did just that...

Hannah with her uncle and cousin
 Hanging out
 Ryan about to be beat up by his big bro
 Yup, I think you lost
 One handed too!
 Ryan and his big brother
 Sexy couples (haha)
 Dog cousins!

Ryan about to go into surgery, smh

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