Friday, December 28, 2012

From Connecticut to California: Viva Las Vegas

This was our last stop before making it to our home for the next 2+ years. We wanted to spend a few days in Las Vegas. We've never been and I was a bit nervous for what our children may see. Before we even left I did a ton of research for hotels and found the Venetian was what were were most looking for. We wanted somewhere we could sprawl out since being on the road for so long. Las Vegas was pretty amazing and we knew we wouldn't be near home for Thanksgiving so we thought, why not spend it in Las Vegas. We got to the Venetian which was gorgeous, although getting from the parking garage to the check in to our hotel room was quite the workout. Las Vegas was pretty amazing, we walked the strip, saw the fountains at the Bellagio & went to the Hoover Dam. Our hotel stay was not all that great. Our room was wonderful except the very first night we were awoken by a horrible loud sound, the ac unit. I called and they said someone would be hour later someone finally showed up. They said it was fixed, we decided to just stay up and get ready for our day (this was Thanksgiving day). I decided I wanted to go to the best buffet in Vegas...which probably wasn't the best idea on Thanksgiving but my mind kept thinking..who does that? I've always been about family..and on Thanksgiving you spend with family cooking, cleaning, chatting...I didn't realize most of Vegas would be out at the buffets. Ya...we stood in line for the Caesar's buffet for 4 hours. Four hours later...we were so tired, beat, our feet hurt and it hurt so much that none of us really enjoyed our food. I promised my family I would never put them through that kind of torture ever again. So we take that walk back to the hotel...we dreaded the walk after standing in line for four hours....only to come back to our room with a  that sound we were awoken to but 500 times worse. I called the front desk and they said they would move us...I'm thinking maybe they'll upgrade we got the same room one floor up. Whatever...I was beat! I had to gather all of our things by myself (remember my husband's hand just had surgery) and my 3 exhausted children. We finally get settled...and go to bed....when around 3am, I'm hot, the kids are hot...everyone is miserable. Our AC was broken. I couldn't believe it...I call front desk again...maintenance comes up and says the motor has to be replaced...I'm thinking wow...what kind of luck is this? I don't ever complain...but this definitely made me want to. Our last day we went to Madame Tussaud's wax museum & took the kids to M&M world. All and all...even with the crappy luck at the hotel and I look forward to going back to Vegas without the kids someday. I don't think they were scarred too badly from the naughty cards all over the ground...we kept saying, just don't look down. haha. But then the truck that advertised the girls had my lil one saying, "ewwww, gross, butt".

Ryan and I in front of Serendipity
 The beautiful Christmas tree in front of the Venetian
 This was on my to do list. Gondola ride with Ryan.
 Had to take a picture with Bradley Cooper because of Hangover and the fact that I just listened to him on Howard Stern a few days prior.
 Ol' Blue Eyes & Lil C
 B ready to take over as president someday
 Our hotel room
 Watching the fountains at the Bellagio

Hannah & B
 Waiting for our meal at Serendipity

 The lobby of the Venetian
 Hoover Dam
 Hannah & the Hoover Dam

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