Friday, June 3, 2011

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

We got this game in the mail from my father and his wife. My children love board games so of course we decided to try it out after dinner tonight. I can't even explain how smart my 1st grader is. He really surprises me. He knew the answer to "Who was the first major league baseball player to break the color barrier"? I told him if you don't know the answer just write any name down. Then my husband says "Jackie Robinson". B jumped up and down screaming and I had no idea why he was so excited. I looked at his paper and with the letter J backwards he had wrote Jaici Rodinson. I asked him how he even knew the answer and he said from a learning game he plays online. I was surprised. I had wrote something Jackson (I knew it was something close to that). Anyways, I ended up winning the game but we all really won because spending that quality time together at the table was amazing!!!! Even though my three year old doesn't know how to play he sat with us and drew pictures and to my amazement he drew a person. I had no idea he could draw anything other than lines all over a paper. Here is his picture that I will keep forever!!

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