Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When I first moved here I was introduced to bingo. I thought it's a night away from the kids to have some adult time so why not. I had no idea how much I would love that 4 hours to myself. Not to hear if someone needs anything or to referee a fight. For some reason I find bingo completely relaxing. I even love to daub!! My favorite color dauber is my red one. My friends and I go about once a month. I have yet to win but I still feel like I'm "winning" just getting out of the house and away from the mommy duties. Don't get me wrong now. I love my children so much but it's amazing how much more you love them after getting a few adult moments to yourself. Right? Anyone? We went tonight and I am always amazed at the people at bingo. The bingo trolls really make me chuckle. I remember those troll dolls from when I was a kid. I wonder how the trolls and bingo became connected (I will be sure to research it). I have seen a few people (hint hint) go around their chairs, they say it's to change their luck. Tonight we heard a few people get into arguments. It was a strange night but we all came home empty handed but I feel completely refreshed and ready to get through the next month before we bingo again.

This is where I go to bingo. This place is always packed!!


  1. i love going to bingo with my mom very fun especially if you win
    Hi following you from the hop look forward to reading your blog

  2. Ohh, I really hope I win someday. :)