Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A day at the pool

Today was so beautifully and warm. I couldn't wait to get out to the pool for the very first time this year. Lil C did had forgotten how to use his arm floaties so it took him a bit to get used to but by the end of the time we were there he had been floating around the pool like a pro!!!! I got to work on getting a little sun and just relaxed for the most part. Which most mommies do not get to do during the day. We ended up staying for three hours and that's just because we had to pick up the older two from school. I really can't wait for summer vacation to begin. This school year has just dragged by and then of course all the snow days they've had to make up for. The price you pay for living in Connecticut. We then headed out to my husbands softball game. He hasn't been able to play since he tore his hamstrings a few weeks ago. Actually he tweaked it his first time up to bat. I could tell in his run. I keep telling him that he's no young guy anymore but he refuses to listen (but I love that about him). Tomorrow we're heading to our first beach in Connecticut so I'm sure I'll be blogging about that tomorrow. I got my huge beach hat to take, I've been wanting one for a few weeks. I'll be sure to post a picture with that as well. A heat wave is happening tomorrow. They are shutting some schools down, surprisingly not ours since they have no air conditioners at my children's school.

I love watching my husband play softball.

Lil C at the pool (yes, he's wearing two different floaties, One went flat and I had another pair!)

Lil C and his partners in crime.

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