Monday, June 6, 2011

Kids Karnival

A few weeks ago our local town had a Kids Karnival. The kids had a blast because they got to enjoy the rides over and over and over again. I couldn't wait to have some fried dough. Mmm Mmm. It was delicious. Snow cones, face painting, games and a beautiful day!! We hadn't had a warm day like that yet since last summer. I even ended up getting sunburn. Oops!

Hannie had her face painted. Beautiful!
Little C as Spiderman
B as Batman
Little C and his friend J were fighting over who could hold the gate. haha 3 year olds.
Little C and J having a blast on this beautiful day
Ryan and B on the ferris wheel
Little C enjoying his first ride

The boys flying the dragon
Hannie and Ryan going on the 1,001 nights for the 1,001 time.

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