Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surface Cleaner

So I'm sitting here taking a break from scrubbing my house and I'm thinking to myself, didn't my husband say he cleaned the house when I was gone all day Sunday? Then it occurs to me, he cleans like my children. They move things. They don't clean. I always tell them moving your toys from one part of the dresser to another isn't cleaning. That's pretty much the same thing my husband does. He just moves things around the counter, picks up but puts it in places I just clean later. I find it quite funny because then he'll use the sentence, "I cleaned all day on Sunday". Which really means, I watched tv and played games on my ipod and during commercials or when my eyes started to hurt from the screen of my ipod I got up and moved things around. haha. I always blamed Danny Tanner for my expectations. Leave it to a tv show to give me the image of a clean freak dad. What I wouldn't give to see my husband wearing a pair of cleaning gloves and pushing around a mop. Now that would be SEXY!!


  1. Totally...You'd think being in the NAVY would have made my husband more meticulous, but it think the opposite occurred. Check out my adventures at

  2. Yes, you would think with all those "field days" he would've picked up on something. lol I will definitely check out your blog.